Oxygen Therapy -Special Massage Package




Why an oxygen Therapy can help me?
Health virtues of such a therapy:
Oxygen is the elixir of life:
• Improvement of the metabolic function
• Improvement of the concentration ability
• Strengthening of the immune system
• acceleration of wound healing
• acceleration of rehabilitation after operations
• Improvement of the cell process
• Improvement of the blood circulation
• Increase of the performance in the job, Sport and especially in diving
• Excretion of toxins after cancer operations

The oxygen content of the cells/muscles in your body can be find out by a blood test
At the very beginning of a therapy your weight, blood pressure value and the medicament you may take need to be discussed with the doctor.

The Oxygen Therapy takes place in a special clinic for divers in Hurghada.
In a special cabin oxygen will be turned in, in addition you will have a mask who deliver oxygen.

Relax one hour, take something to drink and bring a Jacket or a cover to be protected from the cold.

It doesn’t hurt; it’s just a little time you will invest in your Health and Vitality.

Please book 7 days in advance.
For any further question to this special treatment contact us directly
Transfer can be organized in addition


  • Consultation of a Professor before the treatment ( case history) 

    3 times Oxygen Therapy 

    1 Special Massage from a Physiotherapist

    All treatments under supervision from your personal coach


  • Personal expenses
  • Transfer
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