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Red Sea Region

The Red Sea coast runs from the Gulf of Suez, and the many mountain ranges inspired the mariners of antiquity to name it the "Sea Mare Rostrum", or the Red Sea. 
Main islands along the coast include: Qamar, AI-Fanadir, Abu Ramada, Om Gaweesh, Small Seoul lands, A1 Zabarged

Archaeological Sites and Sites to visit

The Red Sea region has a lot of Pharaonic and Roman antiquities. Pharaonic inscriptions were found in Wadi Elhaamat and Um El Fawageer, which are located 235 Km south of Hurghada.
Ruins of the temple of Dokhan:
A Greco roman temple which is located 65 Km north of Hurghada 

Christian sites: 
The area has two of the oldest and most famous monasteries in Coptic Egypt: 
St. Paul: It goes back to the end of to the 4th century AD
St. Anthony: it is the oldest known monastery in Egypt, where St Anthony created the first monastic style of life. 

Islamic sites:
-The Shrine of Sheik Hassan El-Ghasal is located 150 Km from Marsa Alam and is around 800 years old
-The Tower of Sultan Sleem in Al-Qusseir, it is located around 130 KM south of Hurghada


Hurghada: The city was founded in the early 20th century. Until a few years ago it was a small fishing village but since the 1980s has been continually enlarged by Egyptian and foreign investors to become the leading coastal resort on the Red Sea. Today Hurghada counts 248,000 inhabitants and is divided into three parts:

·         Downtown (El Dahar) is the old part;

·         Sekalla is the city center;

·         El Memsha (Village road) is the modern part

Makadi Bay: A Tourist Resort located 30 km south of Hurghada dedicated only to hotels, shops and clubs. There are no settlements with locals. Place features good sandy beach.

Soma Bay: Soma Bay A tourist resort situated 45 km (28 mi) south of Hurghada, with various hotels including Palm Royale Soma Bay, La Residence des Cascades,Robinson Club, Sheraton (Kempinski – opening August 2008) & Caribbean World Resort Soma Bay ( opened December 7).

El Gouna:  privately owned luxury hotel town, about 25 km north of Hurghada. Quiet and clean, the town consists of several islands separated by channels and connected by bridges. Besides 14 hotels and 3 marinas, there are also 2200 private villas and apartments, while many more are under construction. It is promoted by some as Egypt's Venice. It is built on 10 km of beachfront and has unique and diverse architecture.


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